Moving abroad

Will you be moving abroad permanently? Or will you be leaving The Netherlands for longer than 8 months out of a year (does not need to be continuous)? In that case you need to deregister from the Municipality of Soest.

You may not report this move any earlier than 5 days before your date of departure. The municipality will then update your details accordingly.

Report your move abroad

Reporting your move abroad is very easy. You will need your DigiD to fill in the online form, please note that this form is in Dutch. Reporting your move abroad is free of charge.

Inloggen met DigiD Report your move abroad

Please fill in the form below completely and send it via post to Gemeente Soest, t.a.v. Dienstverlening. Postbus 2000, 3760 CA Soest.

Please do not forget to include a copy of your ID!

Form to report your move abroad (pdf, 59 KB)

Who may report a move abroad?

The following people can report a move abroad, depending on your situation:

  • everyone aged 16 or older, on behalf of themselves
  • cohabiting spouses/registered partners, on behalf of each other (provided that spouses and partners are moving abroad together)
  • the parent, guardian, or caretaker, on behalf of underage children
  • parents, on behalf of their adult children living at home (only if the parents and the children living at home are moving abroad together)
  • adult children, on behalf of their parent(s) living with them (only if the adult children living at home and their parent(s) are moving abroad together)
  • the guardian of a person who has been placed under their guardianship

Please note! It is not possible to authorize someone else to report your move abroad.

Proof of deregistration

Do you need proof of deregistration? You need to leave your email on your deregistration form and we will send you a confirmation of your deregistration.

Should you need an official extract, you can apply for an international extract with the the Register Niet Ingezetenen (RNI). For more information please consult this link on